Jessica Rosa
Award Winning Photographer
Graphic Designer
Award Winning Editorial Designer
Jessica Rosa is an accomplished photographer and entrepreneur with over three decades of experience as a self-employed artisan. She is the artistic visionary behind,, and Throughout her career, Jessica has passionately crafted high-end studio portraits for a wide range of clients, including families, infants, graduates, weddings, events, editorial publications, and commercial ventures. Her knowledge and extensive expertise in photography are complemented by her ingenuity, allowing her to consistently produce imagery that goes far beyond average studio portraits or stoic likenesses.
In recent years, Jessica's focus has been on the enchanting world of Christmas and those who embody our most beloved characters, such as Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and their Christmas Elves. While embracing a nostalgia-infused aesthetic, her work captures the very essence and magic of the holiday season, evoking storytelling moments reminiscent of the iconic painter Norman Rockwell. What she does so beautifully is invite viewers to witness the lives of Santa, Mrs. Claus, and their elves beyond conventional portraits through a captivating blend of reality, imagination, and vibrant storytelling images.
With a steadfast and heartfelt commitment to her craft, coupled with a deep-rooted affection for holiday traditions inherited from her Norwegian and English upbringing, Jessica envisions creating a year-round holiday-themed establishment born from her well-earned reputation as an entrepreneur and marketer. This evolution is reflected in the expansion of Holiday Photo Magic and North Pole Living, vibrant ventures into products and merchandise that showcase her signature style and photography.
As an integral member of the holiday performing community, Jessica's impact extends beyond her exquisite imagery by empowering others to elevate their own enterprises. She is an experienced marketer, where she has been the Event Coordinator and Social Media Manager of School of Santas in Branson, MO since 2021—a 100+ attendee, 4-day conference that provides educational opportunities for holiday and Christmas performers. Not to mention, mentoring a group of over 1K local photographers  on how to navigate their own journeys as photographers. 
Prepare to be transported into the captivating world of Jessica Rosa, where an unwavering commitment to spreading the joy and magic of Christmas is captured through her iconic and nostalgic imagery.
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